Any user ("Member") of services of VANI STUDIO VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED (the "Company"), including the Company's mobile applications and websites, as well as other services operated by the Company (collectively, "Services"), by accepting Terms of Vani Membership Wallet Program (the "Terms"), hereby consents to collection, use, process and disclosure (collectively, "Use") of the Member's personal information ("Personal Data") by the Company as follows:

Article 1: Use of Personal Data

  • Purpose of Personal Data Use ("Purposes")

    The Company collects, uses, processes and discloses Personal Data for:

    • providing the Services, including:
      • accumulating and using Vani Coins earned from the Services;
      • applying any rewards or benefits to Members through the Program;
      • enabling other programs developed and provided for Members;
      • identifying a Member and checking age of the Member for the Services;
      • enabling communications between a Member and the Company; and
      • fulfilling the Services to a Member as a data processor;
    • improving the Services;
    • marketing, promotion, market survey, product discovery and research; and
    • Investigating accidents, resolving disputes and complaints, complying with legal obligations, etc.
  • Contents of Personal Data

    Personal Data includes a Member's:

    • full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, ID card or passport number;
    • address, phone number, mobile number and email address (including a Member's consent or refusal to receive information using these contact information);
    • occupation, marital status, number of children and age of children, employment and financial information (if any); and
    • other tracks, records, status or information of a Member relating to any services of Affiliates
  • Term of Use of Personal Data
    • Personal Data will be retained and used for the above purposes from the date a Member accepts the Terms until the date the Personal Data is no longer necessary for the Services, unless a longer retention period is required or allowed by applicable laws.

Article 2: Disclosure of Personal Data

  • Recipients

    For the Purposes, the Company discloses and shares Personal Data to and with various parties ("Recipients"), including:

    • Affiliates
    • Vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms and other service providers or business partners of the Company; and
    • Legal advisor and governmental authorities
  • Additional purposes

    In addition to the Purposes, the Recipients deals with Personal Data shared for:

    • Optimizing the Vani Membership Wallet Program, implementing customer-oriented marketing, providing reward programs for Members, promotions of various goods and services, customer statistics, marketing activities by use of transaction-related details (such as details of purchased goods/services) to conduct marketing activities depending on the customer; and
    • Performing their services necessary to operate and manage the Vani Membership Wallet Program.

Article 3: Interpretation

  • Any capitalized terms but undefined terms used herein shall bear the same meaning as those defined in the Terms.